What should be kept in mind when renting a boat?


Are you going to be renting a boat in Ibiza for the first time? Although the process is quite simple, at Coral Yachting we'd like to share the main requirements for renting a boat.

A boat rental company you can trust 

It's essential to go with a boat rental agency that inspires trust. Avoid anyone who doesn't offer you a rental agreement as a guarantee and who doesn't operate within the legal framework (there are some like that). In particular, if you're renting a boat with a skipper, it is important to ensure that, as the person in charge of your safety and the safety of your travelling companions, that they have the relevant certificates, as well as the boat specified

It is also important for the boat to have its home port in Ibiza, rental permits, mandatory insurance, and to be backed by an experienced company with a track record. When there aren't any problems, everything's great. What is important though, is for the company to respond when there are.

Types of boats to choose between

Choosing the kind of boat will depend mainly on your preferences, budget and the amount of people travelling with you. At Coral Yachting we've got a large fleet with a great selection of boats: speedboats, sailboats and catamarans (it's important to keep in mind that this type of boat is rented per week, from Saturday to Saturday), yachts, superyachts, etc. I'm sure we'll find the perfect boat for your Ibiza holiday. Get in touch with us with no strings attached and we'll get to work!

The rental agreement

As we touched on above, an agreement is one of the main requirements for renting a boat. Ask us about any questions you might have when reading it.

Safety equipment

Ensuring your safety –and our crew's safety–is priority number one. To do so, our team will ensure that the main rules on board are explained to you. We'll show you all of the safety equipment (life jackets, fire extinguishers, etc.) and give you some great tips during the trip so you experience is the best it can be.

Required documentation

  • List of crew members and a photocopy of the national ID cards or passports of all individuals on board.
  • If you're renting a boat without a skipper, we require a photocopy of your skipper's licence.
  • A signed copy of the boat rental agreement.
  • A security deposit is also required.

Additionally, the following original documents must be carried on board the boat: National ID card or passport of all individuals on board and a skipper's licence if it is required.

What's more, we'll offer solutions to some of the problems you'll tend to run into when renting a boat in Ibiza for the first time. Have any other questions? Would you like us to help you choose the right boat for your holiday travelling by sea around Ibiza? Get in touch with us with no strings attached!


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