With more than thirty years’ experience in creating memories on the seas off Ibiza and Formentera

Local knowledge for a global approach

We are a team of professionals who are passionate about Ibiza and Formentera, boats and the sea. Coral Yachting was born in 1978 on a small scale but with a great vision: to provide our customers with the best possible service. Our company has grown and evolved but without losing sight of the values and philosophy it started with which has led us to be one of the leading companies in the nautical business in Ibiza and Formentera.

The team at Coral Yachting

Our core


We develop long term relationships with our clients and providers.


We work as a team and are committed 100% to our customers.


We offer quality products and services.

There is only one way of putting it: we are passionate about our work!

The team at Coral Yachting


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Behind a great company, there is always a great past

AHaving navigated the world's oceans, Michael Leifheit, enchanted by Ibiza’s purity and beauty, chose to call the island home.

Ibiza yachting

Michael founded Coral Yachting in the Marina de Ibiza Nueva (present Marina Ibiza). The company’s first office was none other that Michael’s own sailboat ‘Mufty’, a Maurice Tivent 43, where his dream to continue his life’s devotion to sailing began.

Yacht charter in Ibiza

Michael met Salvador Valero (now his partner). Salvador’s experience sailing the world’s oceans as a master mariner, his personal charisma and his knowledge of maritime law, provided for an extraordinary partnership.

Yacht charter in Formentera

Following the construction of the port at Marina Botafoch, Salvador and Michael decided to establish an office in view of ever increasing demands for nautical tourism by those falling in love with Ibiza’s singular beauty.

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The partners decided to establish Coral Marine, a company dedicated to the mooring and resupplying of ships coming to the island. At this time, Salvador’s own daughters began working at the company during the summer months alongside their studies in law.

Coral Yachting

Coral Yachting aquired a workshop in Marina Botafoch where repairs could be performed. They also opened a laundrymat to provide laundry services to the marina’s ships.

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Salvador and Michael undertook a new adventure, founding Ibicenca Air, an airline offering luxury services 'in the air' to all their clients.


Coral Marine expands its operations to Marina Ibiza opening a new office in the dry dock’

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Thirty nine years later we still work with the same excitement as the first day. With Michael and Salvador still at the helm, the improvements are ongoing as our charter service, maintenance and care of superyachts continue to be central to our day to day.

Coral Yachting

A family Company with a global outlook

The human element is what gives Coral Yachting its character and personality. We are a family company who work together to reach a common goal, the satisfaction of our customers. Led by our highly experienced and professional founders Michael Leifheit and Salvador Valero and with the benefit of new blood on board, Coral Yachting continues to move forward with the wind in its sails.


Salvador Valero

Partner and co-founder

Michael Leifheit

Partner and co-founder
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Marisa Valero

Superyacht Agent

Lawyer specializing in

maritime and commercial law


Loli Valero

Superyacht Agent

Lawyer specializing in

maritime and commercial law


Marc Leifheit

Yacht Charter Manager

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