The best sailing apps: take note!



Time to set sail! As with any other activity, sailing is not immune to technological progress. So much so that in recent years sailing apps of all kinds have proliferated. Would you like to know which ones we like best? Read on!

Boating (cartography)

This is the world’s best-selling cartographical sailing app. It offers a full range of options for planning routes in an easy and convenient way, and is compatible with Google Earth and other meteorology apps. There are both free and paid-for versions, for Apple and Android.

Garmin BlueChart Mobile (GPS)

This is the version for mobile devices that the manufacturer and developer of GPS gadgets has devised for terrestrial, maritime and air traffic. This app enables you to plan routes with all the details in terms of currents, coastlines, depth contours, etc. A licence must be purchased in order to use this app.

WeatherPRO HD (meteorology)

This is an app that offers a weather forecast for the week ahead, in three-hour intervals, in more than two million places, with real-time radar readings and satellite images. There are various versions, both free and paid-for.

WindGuru (meteorology)

This is a very well-known and easy-to-use app. It shows wind and temperature forecasts for a selected area in real time, with a high degree of reliability.

Rain Alarm (meteorology) 

This app enables you to receive warnings about rainfall approaching your position.

Marinus RIPA (regulations)

Marinus RIPA provides a continuously updated version of the International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea, as well as all the basic safety information that all sailors should be familiar with.

Spanish Coastguard (safety)

This app provides information and guidance on questions related to maritime safety, ranging from tips and all manner of handy information for sailors to lists for checking the essential safety points prior to setting sail. The free Spanish coastguard app is a truly indispensable member of the sailing app family.

Useful knots

Every sailor knows that for each specific need there exists a distinct variety of knot. This app provides a step-by-step reminder of the correct way to tie up to 100 different knots, categorized by type and use. There is both a paid-for and a free version. 

Ship Finder (vessel location)

With this app you can obtain information about all the ships located in selected area. There is a free version as well as a more comprehensive paid-for version.


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