Ideas for making your trip to Ibiza unique


Planning a trip to Ibiza? You’ll almost certainly have heard all about the Isla Blanca, or ‘White Island’, but the most important thing you need to know is that Ibiza has as many aspects as you want to discover. Below we set out a few ideas to make your Ibiza trip unique. Take a look and get ready for an incredible experience! 

Unique activities on Ibiza: which do you fancy?

Rather than the same old activities listed in all the travel guides, are you searching for some really special experiences on Ibiza? Get inspired with these ideas and look forward to a truly unforgettable holiday on Ibiza.

Paddle surfing at sunset

The Ibizan coast enables you to gaze at some of the most spectacular sunsets imaginable. When the sun goes down in the north of the island it paints the sky and the sea with an endless palette of colours and hues. Enjoy a Hollywood sunset from the vantage point of you paddle surfboard: undoubtedly the best time of day for trying this sport!

Boat trip to the island of S’Espalmador

Can you picture being on a deserted island in the middle of the Mediterranean? Swimming in its crystal-clear waters, relaxing on the beach of glittering white sand? Good news: you can make your dream come true by planning a boat trip to the island of S’Espalmador. And there’s one thing you can be sure of: everything that you imagine will be infinitely inferior to reality. 

Snorkelling through the lush seagrass 

If you’re crazy about the sea and nature, you mustn’t miss the chance to go snorkelling amid the fields of Mediterranean seagrass, classified by UNESCO as an official World Heritage Site. They provide a home to an amazing variety of sea life. Get kitted out with your snorkelling gear and take the plunge!

Dinner under the stars

Do you love gazing at stars on summer nights? Enjoy dinner under the stars on board a boat anchored off Ibiza. A word of advice? To view them better, sail a little way away from the coast: you’ll immediately realise how many more stars appear and shine more brightly. The silence – broken only by the murmur of the waves – and an exquisite dinner served on board will provide the experience with its finishing touches. If you want to savour dinner on board your vessel, ask us about our onboard catering and private chef service. 

Haute cuisine on Ibiza

Lovers of fine dining will find an endless range of offerings on Ibiza to tempt their palates. Take your five senses on a tour with the original dishes on offer at the Es Tragón restaurant (the proud recipient of the island’s first Michelin star), or discover Mediterranean flavours at their most authentic at Casa Jondal, chef Rafa Zafra’s new ‘beach bar’, to mention just two of the venues for consuming Ibiza in large – and supremely tasty – mouthfuls.

How do these ideas strike you as a way of making your Ibiza trip unique? Need an extra dose of inspiration? Contact us and we’ll help you plan an unforgettable experience on board one of our boats.

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