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Ibiza or Formentera? Why choose when you can have both?


While away on your dream holiday, you don’t have to choose. You’ve got everything you want, when you want it. If you’re looking for a fun, relaxing holiday, to get the best out of every day and every night, nature, beaches and the most cosmopolitan atmosphere, the Pityusic Islands are the perfect destination for you. Yes, you’ve read correctly: we’re talking about Ibiza and Formentera and you don’t have to choose between the two islands.

So, what’s the bests way to enjoy both Ibiza and Formentera in just one trip? Hire a boat. This option will allow you to take your accommodation with you on your made-to-measure holiday. You can dance the night away at one of Ibiza’s famous nightclubs and then tuck into lunch at one of Formentera’s bohemian beach bars. Anything is possible!

The best bit about sailing around Ibiza

What we love about sailing around Ibiza is the versatility of the island. In Ibiza you’ll find beaches for everyone, from small, peaceful, rocky coves with crystal-clear water to long, sandy beaches with never-ending modern beach club options. Whatever you’re after, you’ll find it in Ibiza. As the sun sets, a huge range of possibilities opens up right before your eyes. Do you prefer clubs or terraces? Around Ibiza’s port you’ll find the perfect spot to start an unforgettable night.

The best bit about sailing around Formentera

If you enjoy spending time at sea, snorkelling, paddle surfing, seabobbing or any type of water sports, Formentera will be a genuine paradise for you. While sailing around Formentera, you’ll get to some of the most beautiful beaches you’ve ever seen, such as Caló des Morts or Caló de San Agustí (if you’re looking for peace and relaxation). If you’re hoping to enjoy the island’s bohemian atmosphere, there’s nothing like docking and heading onto land for lunch or to enjoy a drink at some of the island’s most magical beach bars. If you’re after dinner and cocktails, we’d recommend you visit some of the island’s small towns, such as San Francesc, San Ferrán or Es Pujols.

Distance between Ibiza and Formentera

If you draw a straight line from the Torre de Ses Ports (the most southern point in Ibiza) to Es Trucadors (the far north of the island of Formentera), the distance is 7km. The time you’ll need to cover this distance depends on the type of boat you choose (anything from just 30 minutes to a few hours if your sailing, as it depends on the wind).

If your next destination is the Pityusic Islands, don’t miss out on this article where you’ll find some of our favourite restaurants for lunch in Ibiza and Formentera.

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