How to upgrade your sailing experience in Ibiza: extra on-board services


It’s holiday-time at last! If your plan this summer is to rent a boat to sail around Ibiza and Formentera and you’d rather not worry about a thing, keep reading. Discover some of the on-board services that we offer at Coral Yachting so you can put all your energy into savouring an unforgettable experience to the full.

Captain: whether you lack the necessary qualifications to skipper a boat or you simply prefer to relax and just enjoy the voyage, the best option is to rent a captained boat. It’s also a good idea to hire the services of an expert captain because not only will the boat’s course be taken care of, the captain will also set out various routes and ideas to make the most of the island. This will depend on your preferences and other factors such as the weather.

On-board crew: besides a captain, if you’d prefer to switch off completely at sea a good idea is to hire an on-board crew, who will be in charge of all the maintenance and cleaning, as well as supplying food and drink, to make your voyage much more enjoyable. You can also hire the services of a chef, to have exquisite dishes prepared for you on-board.

Laundry: if you’re planning on a lengthy voyage, it’s more than likely that you’ll need to hire our laundry services. At Coral Yachting, we have in-port laundry services and we offer collection and delivery at no extra cost.

Floral services: whether you’re celebrating an event or special occasion, or you simply enjoy decorating your living quarters with flowers, we offer this additional on-board service to make the boat really striking.

Medical services: we hope you won’t be needing this service while on holiday sailing around Ibiza and Formentera. But it’s always nice to know that, whatever happens, you can rely on the medical attention you need. With just one call, we’ll arrange a visit from medical personnel to the boat.

Personalised concierge services: do you have an event? Do you want to look stunning for a dinner or outing with friends? We’ll manage your appointment with a top-quality beauty salon. And that’s not all: our concierge services will take care of any request you might have! A reservation at your favourite restaurant? A car or motorcycle to rent? Or maybe you prefer a taxi?

At Coral Marine, we’re your trusted yacht agents in Ibiza. We have a network of high-quality partners accumulated over years of experience. Our goal is to fulfil all your requests so we can be sure that your on-board experience is unforgettable. For more information, please contact our team at coralmarine@coralmarine.es - +34 971 192 324

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