How to get around Formentera without a car


Thinking of travelling to the smaller of the Pityusic Islands? One of the main things you should consider is how you’re going to move around Formentera. If you’re planning to visit Formentera without a car, in what follows we set out your best options for exploring the island.

By boat

It’s important that you bear in mind that the only way of getting to Formentera is by boat. This is the reason boats provide the best means of transport for moving around the island. Renting a boat for spending a few days on the island (or a motor launch for enjoying a day at sea): both options will enable you to reach a host of stunning locations that you’ll be unable to access by any other mode of transport. The list of reasons that make exploring Formentera by boat the recommended option is endless! So if you’re mad about the sea and long to discover the island at its most authentic, we strongly advise you to consider this option.

Check out our fleet of sailing vessels for hire online or contact us so we can find the craft that best matches your budget and needs. You should bear in mind that the selection of vessels for hire is greater in Ibiza and, even if you’re staying on Formentera, it will make more sense to hire the boat in Ibiza (with collection in Formentera). You’ll find superior quality craft and better service. For example, Formentera offers no vessels for hire that are over 45 feet in length. 

By motorbike

Due to the island’s modest size, it’s completely feasible to visit Formentera without a car. Forget the stresses of driving and parking... everything is much easier on Formentera! A good alternative for accessing the inland parts of the island is to hire a motorbike. This means of transport will enable you to move around quickly and conveniently, and during the warmest months of the year especially it can be a truly pleasurable experience. You’ll enjoy unique landscapes while feeling the sea breeze and breathing in the unmistakeable aroma of Formentera.   

By bicycle

If you like keeping active, you’ll be glad to know that Formentera is the ideal place for exploring by bicycle. Despite its size the island has a large area of flat terrain, making it extremely suitable for cycling. And if you prefer to expend some more energy to get your pulse racing, why not hire a mountain bike and ascend to the top of La Mola, the highest point on the island. Moreover, there are cycle lanes in several parts of the island and, where they are lacking, you have nothing to worry about, because the traffic on Formentera is light and cyclists are respected by the drivers of other vehicles.   

Many people wonder how to get around Formentera without a car. As you see, it’s eminently possible! Switch off from the routines of the urban living and enjoy some stress-free days on the island. It’s an experience you’ll never forget!

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