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How to avoid getting sea sick

Also known as motion sickness, or in scientific terms, kinetosis, sea sickness is one of the most unpleasant experiences that come hand-in-hand with sailing. Although it’s quite unlikely it will happen to you during your holiday on a boat in Ibiza, it’s worth having a few tricks up your sleeve to avoid getting sea sick.

Why do we get motion sickness?

While sailing, (just like when we travel by car), there’s a sensory conflict: our ears tell our brain that we’re moving, but our sight does the opposite. This imbalance is what brings on that dreaded sensation of motion sickness. That’s why we’re more likely to feel sea sick in the cabin than on deck, as the conflict between what we see and what we hear, is even greater.

Tips to avoid getting sea sick

  • Make sure you’re well rested the night before the trip.
  • Eat well: avoid acidic or fatty foods. Don’t forget that sailing on an empty stomach isn’t a good idea either.
  • If you tend to get sea sick, avoid reading on board (or focusing on any fixed object).
  • Look out into the horizon. This is generally a good way to avoid getting sea sick on board.

Medication to help avoid sea sickness

If you always get travel sick (on an airplane, in a car, or on a boat) despite following all of these tips, perhaps you should talk to your GP about taking a form of medication to prevent these unpleasant symptoms. One of the most popular options is Dimenhydrinate, known in Spain as Biodramina (in other countries it is sold as Dramamine). It’s relatively strong and you’ll feel it working just 30 minutes after taking the tablet. This medication can make you drowsy, which is why it’s also sold containing caffeine. Although Dramamine can be bought without a prescription, don’t forget to consult the pharmacist first and read the guidelines carefully.

Natural remedies to avoid motion sickness

  • Green apple (with the skin on): The skin of green apples contains a substance used in anti-sickness medications.
  • Vitamin C: A natural antihistamine. When the first sickness symptoms appear, taking a Vitamin C tablet will eradicate them.

Prevention is always a great idea. So, although it’s unlikely you’ll feel sea sick while sailing, don’t forget these tips and enjoy a fantastic sailing experience!

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