Enjoy the night of San Juan sailing in Ibiza


We don’t know what it is about the night of San Juan that is so great...Well, actually we do: It’s pure magic! We propose that you celebrate the night of San Juan sailing in Ibiza.

Photo: IbizaSpain.es
The night of San Juan, on the 23rd June, is a Catholic tradition to celebrate the summer solstice. San Juan is the night for making wishes, and there are a lot of events taking place in Ibiza where you can celebrate this special night. However, if you want to feel the magic of San Juan but also to get away from the crowds, here is a perfect plan: hire a boat and moor it off the beach of Figueretas or Talamanca, where there are popular midsummer festivities every year for this occasion.

The rituals for the night of San Juan include music and dancing, midnight swims, dinner with friends but above all, the main attraction are the bonfires. It’s time to get out your list of wishes. To make them come true, tradition says that you have to burn the list in one of the bonfires that you will find on the beaches. If you want to use the power of the fire to purify your spirit, you can jump over a row of nine bonfires.

You can watch the row of bonfires lit up along the coastline from the comfort of your boat, as you listen to the sound of the music and the people partying on the island. Would you prefer to spend this magical night on dry land? Go to the beach, we will explain what you will find in Figueretas and Talamanca.

Talamanca Beach

Talamanca beach attracts a mixture of people of all ages. You will find whole families, groups of young and not so young people who are looking to celebrate the start of summer and to have fun next to the sea. In Ibiza, there is a tradition of eating the “macarons of Sant Joan” a traditional cake of the island that is shared out for free on the beach only on this night. The magical rituals will be accompanied by live music until well past midnight.

Figueretas Beach

The atmosphere you will find at Figueretas Beach is similar to that of Talamanca, but with a fun addition, the famous ‘correfoc’ fire festival that is a typical image of this night. The beach is populated by these figures who tempt people to play with fire. Are you brave enough?

Whatever your plan for San Juan is, one thing is certain: spending this night at sea will be an experience you will never forget. What are you waiting for? Come and hire a boat for the night of San Juan.

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