The importance of the check list before setting off sailing

Around 50% of all activity carried out by Salvamento Marítimo (maritime rescue) is to assist recreational craft.

This state body, part of the Spanish Ministry of Public Works and Transport, is responsible for attending any emergencies that happen at sea 27/7. There are 16 coordination bases positioned along the whole Spanish coastline. Their three main functions are saving human life, fighting sea pollution, and controlling maritime traffic along the coast.

Salvamento Marítimo recommends that you carry out a good level of boat maintenance throughout the entire year. Hiring a boat in Ibiza with Coral Yachting will ensure that this prerequisite is 100% met. And, furthermore, we guarantee that the boat has already passed the safety checklist before being handed over.

To ensure that your experience at sea is perfect, prevention before setting sail is essential, and so, before any trip, you should check:

  • Navigation and steering equipment
  • Fuel for the journey and reserve fuel
  • Communication devices
  • Engines
  • Watertightness and bilge system
  • Condition of batteries
  • Condition of power sockets
  • Sailing lights
  • Torches and replacement batteries
  • Lifejackets
  • Safety harness
  • Safety equipment
  • Firefighting system
  • Reflector, radar, radio beacon
  • Drinking water
  • Anchors and ropes
  • Boat documentation

As well as checking the weather forecast, before setting sail you should inform the authorities of your Navigation Plan and make sure you constantly listen to the VHF 16 and DSC 70 channels.

While sailing, it is important to go over the Code of Conduct with the crew in case of emergency situations and connect the Man Overboard System.

Reviewing this exhaustive check list will ensure that hiring a boat in Ibiza results in a whole raft of sensations that you would be hard pressed to experience in any other leisure destination.

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