The 5 best caves in Ibiza and Formentera


Are you passionate about caving and diving? Did you know that there are several caves to explore in the Pitiusas Islands? Our suggestions below include some of the best caves in Ibiza and Formentera; a great itinerary if you are planning to sail around the islands. And, if your boat trip includes a skipper, don't forget to ask them to recommend the best caves to visit, as well!

Cueva de Can Marcà (Can Marcà Cave)

The Can Marçà cave is one of the most visited tourist attractions in the north of Ibiza. The cave is located in the cliffs of Port de Sant Miquel and you can do a 40-minute walk through it, taking in stalactites, stalagmites, waterfalls and pools.

Cueva de la Luz (Cave of Light)

This underwater cave is located in the northwest of Ibiza and is quite difficult to access by land or by sea. Also known as Na Coloms, it is one of the most secret and inaccessible places on the island. It is located just a few metres from the sea and the Mediterranean water floods through it into an underwater chamber, forming an impressive natural pool.

Sa Columna

The roof of this cavern in Formentera reaches heights of up to 10 metres in some places. It has stalactites, stalagmites and, as its name suggests, enormous columns. It forms part of a network of prehistoric caves where the remains of the first settlers in Formentera were found, dating from between 1800 and 2000 BC. The particular charm of this cave is that you can enjoy incredible views of the entire island from it, as well as an incredible sunset overlooking the sea.

Sant Guillén

Sant Guillén is located south of Punta Rasa, about a fifteen-minute sail from the port of Formentera. The entrance to the first of the caves is just a few metres away from the 16-metre-deep anchoring point. It leads into a wide tunnel which is suitable for divers of all abilities because the light from the entrance illuminates part of the cave. This is an ideal cave dive for beginners because of its 10-12 metre depth, yet it is also very popular with more experienced divers due to its marvellous contrasts of light, scores of fish, and the network of tunnels that make up the caves.

Cueva Ses Llagostes (Ses Llagostes Cave)

This unusual cave has been turned into an aquarium, known as the ‘Aquarium Cap Blanc.’ You can observe a great variety of local marine life in their natural habitat here, including sharks, rotja fish, groupers and manta rays.


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