Rent a boat in Ibiza with skipper or without it?


If you’re still debating whether to hire a skipper and crew or to take charge of the sailing yourself, at Coral Yachting we always recommend the option of relying on an expert skipper. The fact is that, even if you have the necessary sailing qualifications, this option will enable you to thoroughly relax during your holidays sailing.

All Coral Yachting skippers have extensive experience in sailing the waters around Ibiza and Formentera and will ensure you have the perfect holidays that you’ve been dreaming about for so long. And if your next question is: should I hire a boat with just a skipper or with a complete crew too? - in what follows we’ll put all your doubts at rest. There are three ways of hiring yachts and all three options are available at Coral Yachting: uncrewed, with a skipper and with a skipper and crew.

Hiring a skippered boat in Ibiza

Hiring a boat with a skipper is the perfect option for any person or group of people lacking the licence needed to sail, or for those in possession of a licence but who prefer to improve their sailing skills, or simply want to enjoy a relaxing holiday. When you hire skippers, they will not only chart the course of the yacht or sailing craft but also, with their first-hand knowledge of the area, give you unbeatable tips about places to visit, where to eat and so on. If what you’re after involves exploring the most hidden-away spots of Ibiza and Formentera, hiring a skippered boat is unquestionably the best option. If you’re keen on sailing, but don’t have a licence to sail recreational vessels, this will be the best way to get started, because our skippers will be delighted to share some basic sailing concepts with you.

Hiring a boat with skipper and crew in Ibiza 

Hiring a fully-crewed yacht means that, as well as a person in charge of navigation, there will also be a team to ensure your comfort: undertaking tasks such as cleaning and preparing meals – among others. Of the three options, this is undoubtedly the most relaxing variety of seaborne holiday available. You simply need to concern yourself with having a good time and enjoying the voyage – our crew will take charge of all the rest!

Hiring an unskippered boat in Ibiza

Hiring a charter without either a skipper or crew means that the person or group hiring the yacht takes responsibility for skippering it. It is highly important for you to bear in mind that you can only hire an unskippered charter if you or one of your companions is in possession of all the obligatory documents, permits and licences proving that such a person is qualified to act as skipper.

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