Ibiza’s five most charming coves


Ibiza is an authentic paradise for beach lovers. If you’re planning a trip to the largest of the Pityusic Islands, you’d be well advised to have this short list of Ibiza’s most charming coves to hand. Take note and find out which of them is your favorite!


Although strictly speaking it’s not a cove, but rather a very long beach, Salinas is one of those places you really mustn’t miss on the island of Ibiza. This immense expanse of white sand and 100% crystal-clear water is the closest thing there is to paradise. Dropping anchor offshore to enjoy its exclusive and lively beach bars is an experience in its own right, and the same goes for swimming in its irresistible waters.

Cala d’Hort

Anchoring next to the small islet of Es Vedrà will make you feel like you’re starring in a movie. The fact is that this place undoubtedly provides one of the island’s most spectacular backdrops. As well as admiring this marvel of nature at close quarters, you’ll be able to revel in a swim of unalloyed delight. And if you fancy savouring a delicious rice-based dish or one of the island’s other traditional offerings, we recommend trying the restaurants to be found here: El Carmen and Es Boldadó. 

Cala Saladeta

Cala Saladeta – and its “big sister”, Cala Salada - are two of Ibiza’s most famous coves, and no wonder! Because their popularity is directly proportional to the striking nature of the scenery that surrounds them. This small beach, with its fine sand and shallow water, boasts an intense turquoise hue that will entice you into taking endless photos.

Cala Bassa

If you fancy leaving the boat and going ashore, in the midst of verdant pine trees you’ll find Cala Bassa, ideal for those who prefer to ditch the parasol and shelter in some fragrant shade. This enchanting natural landscape is compatible with the many restaurants and services to be enjoyed in the area.

Cala Conta

Cala Conta is undoubtedly one of Ibiza’s most enchanting coves of all. Fine golden sand and waters of intense turquoise blue, interspersed with a host of tiny islands, make up a landscape that truly remains in the memory. All these features make it an unmissable cove on your visit to Ibiza; thanks to its amazing natural pools it’s perfect for exploring by boat, and offers the prospect of exceptional swimming in the sea.

We trust that our selection of enchanting coves in Ibiza has proved useful to you in planning your boat trip round the island. Don’t forget our team is always at your service to help you plan your holidays. Do get in touch!

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