Ibiza’s best beaches for exploring by boat


Planning a sailing trip round Ibiza? If you’ve decided upon your destination, now’s the time to plot the course you want to follow by boat. Because Ibiza is blessed with a host of attractive beaches, although some of them acquire additional beauty and charm when visited on board your own boat. If you’re undecided about which beaches to visit when sailing around Ibiza, don’t miss this small selection of highlights.

Cala Jondal 

Cala Jondal is a stunning beach and an extremely popular destination for yachts and sailing boats in an unspoilt setting of pine trees and cliffs. It’s also one of Ibiza’s most fashionable beaches, owing to its range of beach clubs, which figure prominently among the finest on the island.  It’s the location of the legendary Blue Marlin, a perfect place for having a bite to eat and dancing to the music of the top DJs into the night. There are also other bars at Cala Jondal, such as Tropicana – ideal for savouring some delicious rice dishes - and Jondal, one of the most acclaimed establishments on Ibiza’s current restaurant scene, and an unmissable place to visit for any lover of fine dining. Some of these beach clubs offer to ferry customers by Zodiac and the majority also offer delivery of food and drinks to your vessel. What more can you ask?


It’s definitely worth sailing into the bay of Porroig, not least because it tends to attract relatively few tourists. Since it’s not a beach as such (there’s barely any sand on the shore) the ideal thing is to arrive by boat to savour a stunning swim in crystal-clear water, surrounded by nature, and to inhale the unique tranquillity of the place. Unlike Jondal, Porroig is a bay devoid of any restaurants or bars, and as a result it offers a much more laid-back experience.

Cala D’Hort

Cala d’Hort is a charming beach that offers striking views of the enigmatic isle of Es Vedrà. Visiting it by boat is a real treat, because it enables this natural marvel to be seen from close quarters. Not surprisingly perhaps, this small bay is one of the perennial favourites among our customers renting boats in Ibiza. It’s home to two restaurants: El Carmen and Es Boldadò, both of which are perfect for those wanting to explore traditional Ibizan cuisine.

Es Portixol

If your goal is to lose yourself in the tranquillity of the Mediterranean, you’ll love Es Portitxol: an isolated cove, far removed from the routes generally favoured by tourists. It’s preceded by a narrow entrance of sheer rockfaces, flanked by gentle hillsides and a dense pine forest. It tends to be frequented by the fishermen whose small boathouses cluster around both sides of the bay, as well as by the most intrepid travellers prepared to negotiate the steep paths that lead here. It’s precisely for this reason that it makes an ideal beach for exploring by boat.

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