Hiring a boat in Ibiza after the summer’s over

We are now in the midst of autumn, but this doesn’t mean it is not an appropiate season to sail.

In fact, this time of year may be one of the most recommended to hire a boat in Ibiza or Formentera, as the crowds have finally gone, the tourists have left the islands and the many delightful spots that exist on Ibiza and Formentera can be enjoyed to the full.

Here are some pointers that are sure to convince you… if you were in any doubt to begin with, that is!

Sail without the masses

This season brings with it peace and tranquillity and, although it’s colder, it can still be an unforgettable experience, so don’t put off hiring that boat to discover the stunning bays in Formentera and to explore the more inaccessible parts of Ibiza.

Pleasant temperatures

Temperatures in October are highly agreeable, and although in November they tend to lower a little more, the sunshine will ensure that sailing during the day is extremely enjoyable.

You can anchor in the deserted bays, and even do a little snorkelling and scuba diving as the sea temperature is around 19-20 degrees Celsius at this time of the year.

Cheaper prices

The conditions for both hiring  a yacht and mooring are much better than at the height of summer, and, bearing in mind that the price of flights to get to Ibiza are also cheaper, those holidays that you always dreamt of on board a motoryacht, sailingyacht or catamaran are well within your reach in autumn .

Simpler routes

The sun sets a little earlier, but by organising your route to eat in some fantastic restaurant amongst those we have recommended, there will still be time to enjoy a stunning sunset viewed from the sea.

Leaving the Bahía de Sant Antoni, it's easy to reach one of the warm and unspoilt bays in Formentera to spend the night there, to watch the sun rising the next day and enjoy its incredible waters, with multi-coloured sea beds.

Flowering Posidonia

The reason for the beaches of Formentera and Ibiza having such fine, white sand and the waters being such a transparent, spectacular turquoise colour, is because of the existence of Posidonia oceanica. It is considered the largest and oldest living organism on Earth, with an estimated age of 100,000 years, and the meadows that extend between the two islands have been declared a World Heritage Site.

This aquatic plant flowers in autumn, so if you are sailing at this time you will be lucky enough to be amazed by this marine spectacle.

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