First time sailing around Ibiza? Take note of these useful tips



Whether this year you have chosen a different kind of vacation sailing along the coasts of Ibiza and Formentera or you are lucky enough to have been invited to spend a few days cruising on a yacht, you are likely to have some doubts before embarking on the adventure. There is always a first time for everything, take note of these tips and get ready to enjoy an unforgettable experience on board!

 Your luggage

If you are going to spend several days sailing and it is your first time on board in Ibiza and Formentera, one of the questions that will keep going round in your head is what to pack in your luggage. The first thing you should take into account is that the storage in boats is quite limited, so the rest of the guests will appreciate if you pack light and, above all, flexible. Always choose soft bags over rigid suitcases.

Your luggage will depend on the time of the year when you choose to travel. Although the climate in Ibiza is very hot during the summer (you will spend the day in a swimsuit), you may also need some warmer clothing when the sun goes down. We specially advise you to bring some warm clothes in spring and autumn (you know…"just in case"). Although you will certainly enjoy pleasant temperatures, the climate is much more variable at this time of the year and the wind can increase the sensation of coldness. Since you will spend the day outdoors, you should never miss bringing your designer sunglasses for your Ibiza boat trip, as well as high-quality sun cream and moisturizer.

Will I get dizzy?

One of the main advantages of sailing in Ibiza is the calmness­ of the Mediterranean Sea. Most likely, you will not get dizzy during your trip. However, due to the transit of boats in high season in between the islands, it can sometimes get a little bit choppy. If you get dizzy easily, we recommend you to bring an anti-seasickness drug with you, such as Biodramina. Another small tip: during navigation, the most stable area of ​​the boat is the center. However, the bow allows us to look at the course and direction of the boat and calm ourselves. If you get dizzy easily, avoid above all the stern of the boat.  It is also advisable to let yourself feel the sea breeze when possible and to keep your eyes focused on a fixed point on the horizon to avoid the unpleasant feeling of dizziness.

How to plan your cruising route?

As you can imagine, there are many cruising routes you can follow on your boat trip along the Pitiusas islands. If this is your first time sailing in Ibiza and Formentera, we advise you to let your captain or one of our charter agents guide you. Captains are experienced and will take into account your preferences, as well as the weather forecast during the trip, choosing the best areas to visit at each time. For a little inspiration, routes and ideas for your boat trip around Ibiza are available on our website. Visit some of the most beautiful islets around the Pitiusas, discover the most remote coves in the north of Ibiza or the best inlets to anchor in Formentera. Which sailing route do you choose?

 Let us guide you

If this is your first boat trip, it is natural to have questions. At the check in, the captain will give you a brief explanation on some basic safety measures. He will also give you a few recommendations, such as taking off your shoes on board (or using appropriate footwear) or how to use the bathroom (very important for the correct maintenance of the boat). The captain and crew are at your disposal throughout your journey, please ask them any questions that may arise!

At Coral Yachting, whenever our clients spend the night on board, we send them a preference list (questionnaire) in order to know their preferences regarding schedule, food, drinks, allergies or any other important detail. This document helps us and the crew to provide a better service and to have everything prepared before boarding.

If you found this article useful, read on for more tips to prepare your boat trip around Ibiza and Formentera on our blog. Don't forget that the entire Coral Yachting team is at your disposal to advise you before, during and after your trip. You can contact us by sending an email to: coralyachting@coralyachting.com


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