A sailing route around Ibiza’s most beautiful islets


Did you know that Ibiza is surrounded by 62 islets?

Some, such as Es Vedrá, have become a symbol of Ibiza. However, there are many more islets that are definitely worth visiting. So, what better way to do so than a boat trip around Ibiza?
  1. Tagomago: We’ll set sail on our route around Ibiza at Tagomago, located opposite Santa Eulària des Riu. At 1525m long and 113m wide, this mountainous islet is home to a protected area for birds. There are only three buildings here: a luxury private villa, a beach club and a lighthouse that dates back to 1913. 

  1. Ses Margalides: This small archipelago is very close to Santa Agnès de Corona and opposite many small coves and caves. Ses Margalides is of particular interest to those passionate about diving and snorkelling, as it’s home to a diverse range of marine flora and fauna.
  1. Es Vedrà and Es Vedranell: We’ll then come to the two most famous islets in Ibiza, which have become icons and must-visit locations for any tourists who embark on a boat trip around Ibiza. At almost 400m high, Es Vedrà stands opposite Cala d’Hort. There are plenty of tales about this particular islet, many of which have led to its international fame. Es Vedrà is also a protected area (it forms part of the Es Vedrà Natural Reserve, Es Vedranell and the Islotes de Poniente) and is home to indigenous plants and animals, including a subspecies of blue Ibizan lizard.
  1. S’Espartar: This islet forms part of the same natural reserve and is also home to a species of blue indigenous lizard, as well as other species such as the red-billed gull. S’Espartar is famous for cultivating the plant used to weave esparto grass, which is then made into string, twine, baskets, hats and espardenyes, the traditional footwear worn in the Balearic Islands. In summer, many craftspeople obtain permission to travel to this Ibizan island to collect the leaves. This area is also recommended for diving lovers as its seabed is home to octopuses, morays and the common dentex, as well as other species.
  1. Sa Conillera: Located opposite Punta d’en Rovira and so close to the Platges de Compte that you can get there by swimming from the beach itself, this is the biggest islet that surrounds Ibiza (100 hectares and around 70m tall). It boasts a lighthouse that dates back to 1859 and lights the route between Ibiza and the Peninsula.

What do you think about this route around Ibiza’s islets? All that’s left to do is rent a boat and see them for yourself. Take a look at some of our suggestions, here!

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