8 beaches for snorkelling in Ibiza

Hiring a boat in Ibiza and Formentera means you can discover the island’s most paradisiac spots. Nature lovers will bask in the beauty of these 5 beaches for snorkelling in Ibiza.

Before revealing which beaches are our favourite for snorkelling in Ibiza, we’ll tell you why this water activity is so special in the Pityusic Islands. Have you heard of the Posidonia? Declared Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO, the Posidonia is an underwater plant that grows in the waters of the Mediterranean, acting as a sort of natural purifier, filtering the water and creating a dreamlike setting where we can enjoy the sea.

The Posidonia meadows are home to more than 400 plant species and more than 1000 types of animals, meaning Ibiza’s underwater life is exceedingly colourful and diverse. Urchins, crabs, sting rays, grouper, octopus, lobster, jellyfish, morays, bream, cuttlefish, mackerel and barracudas are just some of the species you’ll be able to see. With a little bit of luck, you’ll also be able to spot sea turtles or starfish. During your boat trip around Ibiza, it’s easy to spot dolphins just a few miles off the coast.

Take note of these five beaches for snorkelling in Ibiza


This tiny cove is located in the west of Ibiza. Its coast is dotted with small fishing huts and it’s not very touristy, as there’s very little sand on the shore. Porroig is a natural port and an excellent spot for mooring your yacht and spending the day snorkelling.

Cala Olivera

This is a small beach with two areas: one with sand and another with stones, and it’s located just 7km from the city of Ibiza. It’s a very pretty, peaceful cove and when the water is calm, it’s the perfect spot for snorkelling or enjoying the best dip the island has to offer.

Sa Caleta

Also known as Es Bol Nou, Sa Caleta is a peaceful beach that’s made unique by its clay-like sand. Its high cliffs provide a contrast to its turquoise waters and the surrounding rocks are home to a wide variety of species, making it the ideal beach for enjoying snorkelling or diving.

Cala Albarca

It’s not easy to get to this small, rocky beach by land. Located 3km from Sant Mateu d’Albarca, Cala Albarca is one of the island’s most stunning natural settings, fantastic for getting to by boat and enjoying both snorkelling and swimming.

Punta Galera

This is one of Ibiza’s most popular nudist beaches and one of the most spectacular spots on the island. Punta Galera is made up of huge eroded stone slabs and doesn’t have sand on the shore. This makes it perfect for visiting by boat and immersing yourself in pure comfort. It’s packed with Posidonia meadows and its water is incredibly clear - perfect for snorkelling.

Es Canaret

This bay is one of the best unknowns of this island. It lies in the north, in the area of Sant Joan, close to the famous Cala Xarraca. The best way to get there is to go by boat. It is one of the best places in Ibiza to go snorkelling, thanks to its beautiful turquoise waters, where we can see the abundant marine life of the area with perfect clarity.

Es Portixol

The beach of Es Portitxol, located in the north of Ibiza and ringed by slipways (the typical boat houses used by the fishermen) is a perfect place to go snorkelling, or where we can get up close to the shore and take a long walk following he coastline. The waters of Portixol are rich in marine biodiversity within just a few meters of the shore.

Cala Xuclar

Cala Xuclar is one of the most secluded bays in Ibiza. It is known for its natural beauty and tranquil environment. Its clear waters are home to a great diversity of marine life, including sea urchins and colourful fish, making it a popular place to go snorkelling. Despite its small size, the bay offers a relaxing atmosphere far from the noise of tourism. It is easier to reach by boat and is an ideal place for those who love nature and tranquillity.

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