Tips for Hiring a Boat in Ibiza or Formentera

For those who are passionate about the sea, hiring a sailing or motor boat to discover remote spots and peaceful coves along the coast offers, without doubt, the opportunity for the perfect holidays.

Both charter and boat companies are going up in the ranking of options for those who love sailing or want to enjoy a different experience, as, the annual fix costs involved in owning a boat (hard-standing, mooring, maintenance, insurance, taxes) are really high. Chartering a yacht you can now each year enjoy a different zone in the world on a modern and fully-equipped boat that is up-to-date and safe without incurring in the fix costs of owning one.

This is, undeniably, a convenient, original and fun way of travelling, but a series of guidelines should be followed to avoid upsets and surprises.

  • The main one is that you should choose a trustworthy and renowned company with experience in boat hire, and that has a modern and safe fleet with experienced professionals, capable of resolving any eventuality that may happen at sea.
  • Check that the boat has its “papers” in order and that it is authorised for boat hire. Make sure it has:
    • “Rol” (Dispatch and Crew Log)
    • Boat insurance
    • Passenger insurance
    • Seaworthiness certificate
    • Boat Registration
    • Charter permit
  • Check the charter party contract, as it may contain incomprehensible clauses. It is essential you understand all the points in the hire contract to avoid the frustration of discovering that the services provided aren’t those that you were expecting.
  • Think seriously about the type of boat that you need, that will depend on the number of people on it (including the crew, if applicable), as the maritime administration permits a maximum number of persons on board in accordance with the vessel's conditions and its safety and life-saving equipment.
  • Also bear in mind your budget, as you will have to factor in any extra expenses that may occur during your trip:
    • Fuel – motor boats use much more fuel than sailing boats.
    • Moorings in port – rates may vary depending on the season.
    • Food and drink – storage space on boats is not usually very generous and it may be necessary to restock on foodstuffs... and probably water!
  • Plan your route, as boats can sail further away from the coast depending on:
    • Their autonomy
    • Their technical safety and life-saving equipment
    • The skipper’s licence

We hope that these tips for hiring a boat will help guide you when it comes to planning your holidays on board a craft and ensure you enjoy your experience to the full. Our team makes sure to offer yachts of high standards which comply the current yacht charter regulations in Spain. Happy navigation!

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