Sustainable sailing: 6 tips for looking after the sea during your boat trip around Ibiza



As true sea lovers, at Coral Yachting we promote responsible sailing and the protection of the Mediterranean. That’s why today, we’re going to share these 6 tips to help you look after the sea during your boat trip around Ibiza.

Be careful with your rubbish!

It seems pretty logical, but the reality is that’s not always the case. Never throw rubbish or contaminants over board. Take extra care with plastics and cigarette butts. To make sure they don’t blow overboard, always have a bin to hand and where possible, avoid using plastics.

Enjoy water sports responsibly

Everyone loves to enjoy the sea and the sea life, but if you’re going to dive or snorkel, don’t touch the marine plants or animals. You can look, but don’t interrupt the marine life.

Take extra care with the anchor and watch your speed

Today, there are even mobile phone apps which show you exactly where anchoring is prohibited. The Posidonia is a plant that acts as an essential part of the protection of the Posidonia meadows. You must avoid anchoring nearby. Also, it’s just as important to control your speed when sailing in specific protected areas. So, if you’re sailing without a captain, we’d recommend you do your research before setting sail.

Use eco-friendly sun protection

Both when sailing and when enjoying a trip to the beach, always choose environmentally friendly sun protection! There are so many reasons why this is important, don’t you think?

Take care when cleaning the bilges

Never empty the bilges into the sea, even if you’re in open water, as the levels of contamination are the same. Always use ports that are set up to collect your waste, safely and respectfully.

Never, under any circumstances, pour gasoil into the sea

If you’re sailing without a captain, always take extreme care when refuelling.

What other measures do you take to look after the sea when out sailing? Share your comments and thoughts with us on social media!

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