Luxury Yachts and Megayachts in Ibiza - Chapter I

Just as every year, Ibiza is once again an obligatory stop for luxury Superyachts and Megayachts, converting it into a catwalk parading stunning craft, loyal to their annual date on the White Island.

With its latest refurbishment, the port of Ibiza has become a point of reference for large yachts in the Mediterranean.

Below are some of the most outstanding examples:


An authentic floating mansion, at 62 metres in length. It is listed as one of the most elegant yachts in the world for its spectacular design, belonging to Leonardo del Vecchio, one of the wealthiest businessmen in Italy.

With a steel hull and aluminium superstructure, she can host 16 guests who can access each of the five decks using an internal lift or a stunning spiral staircase. 


This yacht currently belongs to Guy Laliberté, owner of Cirque du Soleil. Frequently anchored in Cala Tarida, to the west of Ibiza, she is, to date, the longest yacht in the world by only one span.

Commissioned by Jonathan Leitersdorf in 2002 in Auckland (New Zealand), her superstructure is to the aft with various levels and generous spaces on the entire deck, which even has a helicopter pad with a helicopter for 7 passengers decorated in the same tones as the rest of the boat.

There is an image of the sun on the sails of the boat, and these can be unfurled at simply the touch of a few buttons.

It has 5 spectacular cabins for guests plus crew accommodation for up to 10.

Her mast, at 65 metres in height, was built to allow her to pass beneath the Bridge of the Americas, having to wait until the lowest tide level to pass through. 


The fourth largest luxury yacht in the world at 107 meters in length, built by the Norwegian company, Kleven. It was commissioned by the richest man in New Zealand: Graeme Hart, ranked 178 on the Forbes list

At present, this boat is the fourth largest in the world, but Kleven is already building another of 116 meters in length for the same owner.

It is a luxury floating palace with luxury finishes, but built to withstand the harshest weather conditions.

It has 7 decks with 15 cabins for 30 guests, plus accommodation for 30 crew members. These is also a swimming pool, helipad and helicopter garage.

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