¿Barco a motor o a vela? Analizamos los pros y contras


Ibiza, with its crystal-clear waters, stunning scenery and Mediterranean climate, is an ideal destination for sailing. Whether you are an experienced sailor or simply want to enjoy a day of sun and sea, your choice of boat is crucial to your experience. Comfort and ease of use are determining factors when renting a boat. Here are the pros and cons of motorboats and sailboats.



  1. Speed and efficiency: Motorboats are significantly faster than sailboats. This allows you to travel longer distances in less time, ideal for exploring multiple coves and beaches in a single day.
  2. Comfort and luxury: Motorboats are usually equipped with more modern amenities, such as ample sunbathing areas, luxurious cabins and additional services such as a Jacuzzi or entertainment equipment.
  3. Easy handling: Operating a motorboat is simpler and requires less technical experience than a sailboat.
  4. Stability: Motorboats tend to offer greater stability on the water, which reduces seasickness and provides a smoother sailing experience.


  1. Fuel consumption: One of the disadvantages of motorboats is their fuel consumption, which can be considerably high.
  2. Noise: Engines can be noisy, which could diminish the peace and quiet that many seek on a day's sailing.



  1. Environmentally friendly: Sailboats rely on the wind as their main source of energy, which makes them more environmentally friendly.
  2. Peace and quiet: Sailing offers a quieter and more serene experience, ideal for those who want a closer connection with nature and the sea.
  3. Sport and challenge: Sailing can be a more challenging and sporty activity, perfect for adventure and nautical enthusiasts.


  1. Requires technical skills: Sailing demands more knowledge and technical skills. It may be necessary to recruit an experienced skipper.
  2. Limited speed: Sailing boats are generally slower, which limits the amount of places you can visit in a day.
  3. Space and amenities: Compared to motorboats, sailboats tend to have less space and fewer amenities, which can affect overall comfort.

At Coral Yachting we recommend motorboats for those looking for maximum comfort, ease of use and the ability to explore more of what Ibiza has to offer in less time. We have the best fleet of rental boats in Ibiza, ready to make your experience at sea an unforgettable one. Whether you prefer the speed and luxury of a motorboat, or the serenity of a sailboat, at Coral Yachting we have the perfect boat for you!

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